May 22,2020 | 1 min read

Perkins: Supreme Court Says No To Unilateral Appointments.

Author - Ramasamy Santhanakrishnan

People, having engaged in multiple activities, are often prone to the risk of disputes. Conflicts, in today’s commercial existence, are inevitable. The most conventional method of resolving these disputes is litigation before courts of appropriate jurisdiction. However litigation has several prevalent problems such as cost, enormous pendency, proliferating laws and rules, complex and cumbersome procedure, technicalities, etc. A large section of people find themselves, along with their rights, compromised due to issues such as cost and the frustration that is bound in the delays and uncertainty over seeing a conclusion in the near and relevant future. And such difficulties and complexities only become more daunting as the pinnacle in judiciary is climbed. Therefore, there is a constant need for alternative methods of resolution of disputes. < Continue Reading >

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