Feb 07,2020 | 17 min read

Non-Disclosure Agreement: How Does It Protect You

Author - Vishnu Kesarwani

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), also called as ‘Confidentiality Agreement’, is essentially a legal framework to protect confidential and sensitive information from going beyond it's intended or desired circuit. It is often instrumented between two or more parties to agree NOT to disclose the confidential information/data specified in the ‘Confidentiality Clause’ of the NDA to the third party beyond the terms of the agreement

The Indian Contract Act, 1872 governs the Non-Disclosure Agreement related matters in India. Perhaps, NDAs are used in various ways for various desired effects. One must be very careful about its' type, effect, methods and best-practices while instrumenting it to get the intended safety or more. « Read more » to know about it in detail.

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Vishnu Kesarwani

Vishnu is practicing as an Advocate in Allahabad High Court and has 9 years experience in handling regulatory compliance, drafting & vetting of legal documents, litigation and legal research. He has specialization in IT/Cyber law, data privacy, information security, taxation, IPR, and constitutional & business laws. He has done LL.B. from B.H.U., Varanasi and MS in Cyber Law & InfoSec from IIIT-Allahabad. He is also DSCI Certified Privacy Professional & DSCI Lead Privacy Assessor.