May 14,2019 | 5 min read

#MentorHours at TeamUp Cowork by Advocate Sunitha Narahari (8th-May-2019)

Lawyered and TeamUp Cowork, Ghaziabad conducted #MentorHours on 8th May 2019.The session was delivered by Advocate Sunitha Narahari. 

It was a face-to-face session where Advocate Sunitha Narahari spoke with a number of Startups and SMEs and gave her expert opinion on various legal areas and answered their legal queries.

Advocate Sunitha Narahari's Feedback:

Over the last 3 decades, I have always enjoyed sharing my experiences in my legal advisory practice areas when mentoring young entrepreneurs in connection with their businesses. Recently I was invited to participate in the Mentor Hours session initiated by Lawyered for the Startups and Freelancers at TeamUp CoWork premises at Kaushambi. I met with a few of the young and energetic startups and freelancers who interacted with me, sharing enthusiastically  their journey leading to establishing businesses relevant to the current times and needs of larger corporate/business houses. It was a pleasure to answer their queries on legal matters of setting up / being SME’s and growing their businesses in the current times requiring accountability and transparency. I hope that I was able to recommend effective and efficient solutions to their legal concerns. Achyuth and Sagar from Lawyered co-ordinated the session exceptionally. I would be happy to continue being part of #MentorHours.


Lawyered thanks Team Up and Advocate Sunitha Narahari for being a part of #MentorHours. Sagar Menon represented Lawyered for the session.

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Sunitha Narahari

With a focus on corporate and commercial laws have hand held start up business operations and often functioned much like in-house counsel for clients by offering a proactive approach to clients legal needs with an understanding of the industry, foreseeing legal and practical difficulties that the clients might face in their business and working with them on a regular basis to efficiently and inexpensively prevent or minimize the effects of such circumstances.