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19th June, 2020 (1 month, 3 weeks ago)
Civil Law
what would be the statement of jurisdiction for civil suit of defamation ?

on which act or section , we filed civil suit of defamation and under which court ?...

05th July, 2020 (1 month, 1 week ago)
Civil Law
Are govt, semi govt employees with defined co morbidity as per lock down order f

I am an employee of wb govt stu, has multiple co morbidity. Stayed at home during lock down as advised under protection of vulnerable people clause. But my salary is with held for may 20 treating me absent. Is it correc…...

27th July, 2020 (2 weeks, 2 days ago)
Civil Law
Caught driving at 9:30PM in Mumbai

While driving home at around 9:30 PM in Mumbai, I was stopped by policemen who asked to sign a piece of paper for violating section 188. I was informed that I'll be presented in court. What should I do?...

22nd July, 2020 (3 weeks ago)
Civil Law
My ex employer imposing bond conditions on me and stopping me from working with

Hi, I have resigned and left the organisation, the company in between the employment got the document signed from me stating that it is new KPI and employee should stay with company till certain date. I left before t…...

06th August, 2020 (6 days, 12 hours ago)
Civil Law
Neighbor constructed house in my site and occupies 2 feet.

Neighbor constructed house in our site and occupied 2 feet of area and now they're raising issues constantly. All document proofs are available. Please guide me on how to proceed legally...

12th August, 2020 (17 hours, 33 minutes ago)
Civil Law
My Sales Manager and Hr Terminate me Without Giving Any Reason or Notice

What should I do My Company Sales manager and HR Terminate me Without Giving Any Reason Am not Finding job Last 1.5 year Please Suggest What Should I do...

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