05th July, 2020 (1 day ago)
Employment and Labour Laws
Are the govt employees who has comorbidity required to turn up for duty in LD?

I am a semi govt employee with multiple co morbidity, insulin dependant, heart surgery. Stayed home as per LD order under protection of vulnerable people. But my salary for may 20 is held over, treating me absent. Is it…

05th July, 2020 (1 day, 5 hours ago)
Civil Law
Are govt, semi govt employees with defined co morbidity as per lock down order f

I am an employee of wb govt stu, has multiple co morbidity. Stayed at home during lock down as advised under protection of vulnerable people clause. But my salary is with held for may 20 treating me absent. Is it correc…

04th July, 2020 (2 days, 8 hours ago)
Property Law
Purchase of Mhada mill worker lottery flat

I want to purchase a Mhada flat alloyed to a mill worker under the Mhada mill worker lottery scheme. The flat is 6 years old. Earlier the mill worker's flat could not be sold for 10 years after allotment, but in August …

03rd July, 2020 (3 days, 15 hours ago)
Employment and Labour Laws
Is this fair to ask to serve notice period with deferred salary?

Company has offered to work with 50 : salary, which i denied. Now they are asking to serve notice period . Does law says that employee is bound to serve the notice period with deducted salary and if yes then where is ou…

01st July, 2020 (5 days, 7 hours ago)
Website Agreements and Policy
I need leagal advice related to a new service based Online buisness

I want to start a online service based buisness. In this connection what are the legal criteria or guidelines issued by our Government of India. Please assist me.

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